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Samedi 3 décembre 2011 au Transbordeur, 69 - Villeurbanne


19h / 20h30 : Warm-up avec Pierrot de Sofa et Koffi Gnato
20h30 / 22h30 : Concert de Fémi Kuti and the Positive Force (payant)
22h30 / 3h : After-show avec Groovy G & James Stewart
Entrée libre (sauf concert)

Femi Kuti DJ's Positive Party

Afrobeat, Highilfe, Juju, Afrofunk, Mandingue & Global Grooves

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Mixes, Releases

An original congolese 7″ selection by ORL from 1966 to 1974. If you like rumba and early soukous, you won’t believe your ears!


Muzzicaltrips in Congo (53min):

More information at muzzicaltrips.blogspot

African Kaleidoscope - MIX by James Stewart


Un mix du DJ Palmwine James Stewart pour son emission reguliere sur la radio Raje.

Rumba congolaise, Jerk beninois, Soukous et bien d’autres pepites africaines…


Afro Soul Descarga n°12 - African Kaleidoscope by James Stewart ! (120min):

ORL meets The Flying Carpet Radioshow (Barcelona)



ORL invited to have a trip on the Flying Carpet Radio Show last week in Barcelona.

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A muzzicaltrip with DJ ORL

The Flying Carpet Radio podcast


Babaliah Loves Cuba


Un mix cubano para bailar y gozar… Son caribeño, boogaloo, charanga y latinfunk de los sellos cubanos Areito y Siboney.

Babaliah, para servirle!


Babaliah Loves Cuba (63min):


1 ELENA BURKE « Un Dialoguo » (Afro shake) taken from Areito LPS 3297
2 SENEN SUAREZ « Tu Existencia » (Fantasia) taken from Areito LD 3286
3 ORCHESTA CUBANA DE MUSICA MODERNA « El Niche » (cha cha shake) taken from Areito LDA 3308
4 PACHO ALONSO « CUANDO LLEGUE EL TREN » (Ritmo Simalé) taken from Areito LDS 3337
5 ORCHESTA RITMO ORIENTAL « Yo bailo de todo » (Bachata son) taken from Areito LD 35 36
6 ORCHESTA LOS VAN VAN « Hasta la semana que viene » (Songo) taken from Areito LD 3533
7 LOS REYES 73 « Grandes Amigos » (Son) taken from Areito LD 3573
8 GRUPO MONUMENTAL « Me voy para la escuela » (Son) taken from Areito LD 3532
9 ELIO REVE « Oyan coro » (Changüi) taken from Siboney LD 251
10 ORCHESTA ARAGON « Para bailar a mi lo mismo me da » (Onda-son) taken from Areito LD 3642
11 CHEPIN Y SU ORCHESTA « Carolina » taken from Areito PRD 074
12 PACHO ALONSO « Pepe Cabecita » (Pilon) taken from Areito LPA 1063
13 PIO LEIVA « Vete lejos » (Guaracha) taken from Areito PRD 063
14 CONJUNTO ROBERTO FAZ « Guaguanco para los soneros » (Guaguanco) taken from  Areito LD 3659
15 CONJUNTO GLORIA LATINA « Al ritmo del sube y baja » (Son) taken from Siboney LD 311
16 ORCHESTA ORIGINAL DE MANZANILLO « Quien ha visto por ahi mi sombrero de yarey? » (Son) taken from Siboney LD 470
17 LOS KARACHI « Quisiera volver a nacer en Santiago de Cuba » (Son montuno) taken from Siboney LD 241
18 CHAPPOTIN Y SUS ESTRELLAS « Cienfuegos tiene su Guaguanco » taken from Areito PRD 082
19 ORCHESTA ENRIQUE JORRIN « Tu veras que bueno es » (Guaracha) taken from Areito LP 3479

Groovy J, James Stewart & Turkish D @ Boolimix radio show


James Stewart, Turkish D et Groovy J sont invités par Boolimix pour une sélection musicale africaine, latine et caribéenne. Résultat… un mix de trois heures typiquement palmwine.


Play mix (Part 1&2):

Tropical Round Trip Mix #03 by ORL


Tropical Round Trip Mix #03
by ORL, MuzzicalTrips


Tropical Round Trip vol. 3 (52 min):

ORL back from Benin 45s selection


… El Rego, L.A. aux Ecoutes, Polydisco, Mélomé Clément, Poly-Rythmo, African Songs, Picoby Band, Nagra Sessions, African Scream Contest, Afro Beat, Jerk Fon etc…


Benin 45s Selection by ORL (51 min):

Afrofunk Bomb Mix Groovy J


Un mix 100% Palmwine Records, special pour dancefloor afrofunk, signé Groovy J.

Play mix (62 min):

Babaliah loves Angola


Here’s a rare angolan grooves selection by Babaliah, coming from the labels Rebita, Merengue, N’gola, CDA…


Babaliah loves Angola (62min):


Palmwine live @ Radio Canut Groovy J



Groovy J live mix with Remi and Tristan during Boolimix radio show.

2 hours of african and latin groovy gems…

07/04/2010 - Radio Canut 101.2 FM, Lyon, France

Play Mix (Part 1 & 2):

Babaliah Loves Tumbélé - Gwoka, Buiguine, Compas, Funk and Disco from the “french” West Indies Babaliah


A fresh tropical mix by Babaliah, showing explosive diversity of groovy rythms from Haiti Guadeloupe and Martinique… Available at ParisDJs.

For hot & wet caribeean dancefloors only!



Babaliah Loves Tumbele (52 min):

“On a Cloud” Babaliah Remix (PPP) Babaliah


A huge Afro Latin Broken Remix by Babaliah The Afro Beatmaker
The greats vocals are sustained by a percussion heavy Broken Beat and killer analogic keyboard and guitar arrangments

Tafina Babaliah


Great Gnawaian Hip Hop Tune by Afro Beatmaker Babaliah one more time looking at the dancefloor with a great percussive developpment.
A very dark Hip Hop intro goes to a North African Transe…then…don’t miss the Berimb-hiphop-outro!

Colombiana Babaliah


First virtual release on Palmwine Records
Free Download coming soon…

Babaliah Put this Latin broken Winner out to rock the dancefloors
A Very Percussive Stuff turns into a HOooooooOOT Broken Beat!
The Future Latin Vibe is delivered With a Rootsy Bomba-like Hornage!!

“A hot, broken latin burner perfect for the upcoming summer parties, this will get the hips and feets moving for sure at our Tropical Treats sessions!” Dj Rickard Masip (Raw Fusion Club Sweden)

Pura Colombiana!!!!

Mix Black Day Palmwine Wreckchords Koffi Gnato


A mix for the connoisseurs, african music lovers, afro dj’s and cratediggers

Only Obscure and Scratchy African 45’s selected and blunted together by Turntables Maestro Koffi Gnato The Bété Cratedigger!
A really rare piece of art! …………….from the Palmwine Records Favorite DJ


Koffi Cold : from Soul and Hip Hop to LA Bass and Baile Funk Koffi Gnato


A real Contemporary Dancefloor Mix By our versatile DJ Koffi Gnato : 90 to 140 bpm
Soul, Hip Hop, LA Bass, Brass Band, Touché Français, Ragga, ElectroCLash, Deep House, Favela Funk, Secousse, Broken Beat, Kuduro


Copié Deh Collé 227 minutes mix by Koffi Gnato Koffi Gnato


A real 227 minutes Massive Wooly Mammoth mix of Afro sounds, the roots of coupé décalé, the roots of Kuduro, The African J Dilla strikes back with his turntables squirting Palmwine !!!!!



“You Better Ask Yourself” Babaliah Remix (Femi Kuti) Babaliah


A great rework on one afrobeat track from last Femi Album Day by Day. Babaliah The Afro Beatmaker turns it into a Caribean Disco meets Nu Afrobeat HIT…very faithfull to the original, with the now classic Palmwine Update….AFROBEAT NO GO DIE