This is directly from Jesus’ apparent teachings in Matthew 19

Replica Bags Wholesale 2 points submitted 14 hours agoI understand your intent here, and it seems like you also view the OP’s book as being baseless religious propaganda, but your defense of the New Testament’s treatment of women may require closer examination.Paul’s letters in particular are pretty revealing, especially regarding their roles in the church.Women were to be silent, covered, and and hold no position of power. That is the NT position.Jesus (red letters) was, as you mentioned, a little more “progressive”, but still only condoned divorce in cases of infidelity and only where the wife cheated on the husband.Furthermore, Jesus also states that if a husband divorces his wife for reasons other than immorality and she goes on to remarry, then both she and her new husband are living in sin.So she is “tarnished” property, essentially. This is directly from Jesus’ apparent teachings in Matthew 19.There are a lot of Christians who, knowingly or not, are in complete opposition this article to Jesus’ actual teachings on this, and who wouldn’t dream of treating the women in their lives as “inferior” or in any way unequal.Same goes for all flavours of orientation, gender identities, race and so on. Replica Bags Wholesale

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More from HuffPost Canada:’Every Single Community Has Joy And Is Thriving In Whatever Ways It Can’: Molly Swain ‘It’s Important To Have That Community Of People Who Understand The Position You’re Coming From’: Quinton Delorme ‘Being Two Spirit, It’s Not About Gender It’s About The Roles We Play’: Nenookaasi Ogichidaa Arielle believes the dismissal of two spirit individuals is one of many replica bags buy online tragedies of colonization. Being two spirit refers to someone who identifies as having both masculine and feminine spirit. Traditionally, two spirit people were honoured because of their ability to fill many roles but now, like in many western societies, LGBTQ2S+ people face scrutiny in Indigenous communities as well..

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