Except that it’s not OK due to the exceptionalism still

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replica hermes belt uk Hubber linking to their own Hubs in your comments sectionJump to Last Post 1 20 of 20 discussions (39 posts)I am not looking to name names here as this happens quite a lot on Hubpages, but can someone please clarify whether or hermes birkin bag replica cheap not it is against the rules for a Hubber to come to your hub, leave a comment and then include a link to one of their own hubs as a part of that comment. I know it says under each comments box that ‘Comments are not for promoting your hubs or other sites’, but this doesn’t say you actually can’t do it, and I am having trouble locating anything in the rules to say it is against TOS.Personally I do not have a problem with allowing a link in my own comments if it is relevant to the topic of my Hub, but I tend to avoid linking to my own hubs on other people’s and prefer to ask first unless I know the hubber well enough that I know they won’t mind and I have done the same for them.I have had a situation arise which is concerning me. A new hubber and follower posted a link to a non hermes birkin bag replica relevant hub in two comments sections on my hubs. replica hermes belt uk

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