Other cognitive deficits including amnesia showed no

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Today, Gurugram for me represents a huge melting pot. It is a cauldron that is bubbling with an eclectic mix of cultures, businesses, cuisines, you name it. After living in the US for over nine years (the DIY life of timetables and schedules), Gurugram has been like a breath of fresh air (albeit not literally).

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I not had the mood disturbances that u/L337_H4X0RZ_1337 describes, but it wouldn shock me if there was some idiosyncratic side effect. It can cause difficulty urinating. I had it cause erectile dysfunction even in 16yo boys. In Season 2, the real Judge alludes to the fact that she super bored because she hasn ruled on a dispute for at least a few years, and her next case is coming up in about 20 more years. But that a few decades between cases over the course of billions of years since the universe came into being. There could have been thousands of cases during that time, and while we can know for sure, it has to have been more than 3..

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