“It’s right that the needs and rights of transgender people

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replica goyard It does not change our policy”.Her seat will be filled by the winner of a by election, which will goyard replica duffle take place on September 13.The Lib Dem candidateFormer councillor Sarah Brown, who held Petersfield from 2010 to 2014, will contest the seat for the Liberal Democrats.Ms Brown, who is transgender, started free swimming lessons for underprivileged children and had a key role in introducing the city’s 20mph limit on residents’ streets.She said: “Petersfield is where I live and I aim to champion it as I already know how and as I did before.””In these desperate days of Brexit, the national is also the local. Brexit will make so many things I care about far worse: government austerity, the crisis in the NHS and poor funding for schools and roads. People must use every lever at their goyard belvedere replica disposal this election included.Read MoreHow will Brexit affect Cambridge?”I will be encouraging everyone who wants to see the people have a final say on the deal to vote for me as the only candidate whose party stands for that.”Referring to the circumstances of the by election, she added: “I am sad to see the campaign to turn the clock back on the city council’s equalities policy which I will resist.”It’s right that the needs and rights of transgender people, along with other groups, are recognised here, as national legislation expects.”Cambridge has led by example on diversity, tolerance and liberal values, and we must defend that leadership from those who seek to divide us.”The Labour candidateCambridge Labour has announced Kelley Green as their candidate for the election.A former landscape architect and town planner, she was the project manager for Ely’s riverside Jubilee Gardens scheme replica goyard.

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