Los Gatos, California headquartered Netflix saw its market

wholesale replica designer handbags According to the latest data, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, two of the dominant players globally, have steadily grown their market share in the country this year at the expense of local firms such as market leader Hotstar, Jio TV and Jio Cinema.Los Gatos, California headquartered Netflix saw its market share grow to 6.3 per cent till October from a mere 0.5 per cent as in the beginning of the year.Amazon Prime Video’s share grew more than two and a half times to 10.8 per cent from 4 per cent, according to KalaGato, a market intelligence firm.The figures are based on installed user base derived from a sample of over one million unique smartphone users.Viewership over mobile comprises 83 per cent of the total video consumption online, according to Comscore.As Indian users took to cheaper smartphones and faster and cheaper data, backed by a wave of Internet proliferation of sorts triggered by Reliance Jio, the demand for video OTT platforms has also shot up.Local audience, like their counterparts in the developed markets, are also opening their purse strings for video subscription services.A telling statistics is that over two dozen OTT services have sprung up only in the last 18 months. This includes offerings from leading media houses like Balaji Telefilms (Alt Balaji), Viacom 18 (VOOT) and ZEE Media Corp (ZEE5).While Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which launched services in India in 2016, have an early mover advantage, as their growth is primarily seen being driven by their expansive content library and superior product experience built on a trove of data and insights from operations in other geographies.”There are two to three factors that drive this. One is the range of content and titles they provide owing to their access to deeper and broader content, with them being global players. wholesale replica designer handbags

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