When you sunbathe, the UV radiation emitted by the sun or UV

Canada Goose online Not all quiet is created equal. There’s a difference between words suppressed and words withheld. On Tuesday night, Gunter will again sit in silence, dressed in all black. Greg James chatted to Zoe Ball’s daughter as her new show kicked offGet celebs updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersHowever, the 48 year old radio presenter missed out on one listener as her daughter Nelly opted to tune in to BBC Radio 1’s Greg James instead despite it being her mum’s first ever show.The nine year old, who was also celebrating her birthday, took her support of Greg a step further too, as she even rung in as the show’s ‘star listener’ and chatted with the Radio 1 host while her mum’s show was on.’Nelly, which show did you listen to today? Radio 1?”, Greg asked, to which Zoe’s little one confirmed it was his.How Zoe Ball kicked off her first ever BBC Radio 2 show with ‘Respect’When asked if she switched Radio 2 on at 6.30am to hear her mum’s first link, Nelly bluntly replied: “No,” confirming she was a Radio 1 supporter through and through.Nelly also chatted to Greg about how her mum Zoe was feeling about her first show, revealing that she was “nervous”.Zoe is the first woman to host a show in the breakfast slot on the station, and aptly played Respect by Aretha Franklin for her new listeners.The mum of two had arrived bright and early on Monday morning at Broadcasting House in central London around 5.30am with a big smile on her face.Zoe Ball arrives for first BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show as she replaces Chris EvansShe introduced the show: “Hello. My name is Zoe. How’s your belly off for spots? Good morning Radio 2 superstar listeners, here we go.”And, relax. Canada Goose online

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