ORL (muzzicaltrips)

It’s all about experiencing something different…
Many years of musical and travelling adictions allowed ORL to appreciate rhythms from both sides of Atlantic Ocean, from West Africa to Caribbean shores, from Brazil to the Maghreb…
As for Jazz & Hip Hop, political and social contexts can hardly be ignored and help to understand these wonderful musical expressions. The 60s and 70s may have been the most productive period musically (in terms of innovation, styles interactions and influence on present productions), but despite taking part of Cultural Heritage of Humanity, some of these unique sounds are progressively being forgotten, SO LET’S KEEP THEM ALIVE! (preserve and share it as it is, and remix or reedit it).
After a few words on ORL’s approach, now it’s just about enjoying some of the grooviest original rhythms, from nodding your head on a sofa to “shaking that thing” on a dance floor!
Just for onlookers, ORL also shares on MUZZICALTRIPS.

Groovy J (Urbanna Sounds)

Urbanna sounds is a pure selection of afro-influenced music mixed by Groovy J. He’s been selecting rare tracks of Latin music, Afro music, reggae and hip-hop that are listened to in the Villeurbanne underground and he makes original mash-ups with those heavy sounds.

What really matters to him is the vibe, either to dance or simply to enjoy the music.

Koffi Gnato (the Bété Cratedigger)

This is about the record collection my father left me. This is about cutting and choppin then editing it so you can hear with a hip hop flava those psyche sounds of zaïre, senegal and more. This is memories. All about music and love.

Read A great Support for Koffi By The team of GHETTO BASSQUAKE:

Babaliah (The Afro Beatmaker)

Babaliah the Afro Beatmaker is the leader of the Palmwine Crew. Making beats for years, he’s been remixing afro artists from round the afrosphere and spreading the best in Afro, Cumbia, Brasilian and Caribean as a selector in his Tropical Breaks and African Breaks Parties. He has got a lot of heavy sounds to come out : tropical breaks and beats, edits and remixes….. Hoooooooot!


Ram-One n’est ni une marque de charcuterie espagnole ni le fan club des Ramones. Pas vraiment artiste, mais plus artisan visuel, Ram-One a l’honneur de mettre des images sur les sons de Palmwine Records. Studio de graphisme indépendant, Ram-One est très fier de signer le graphisme du label.