ORL (muzzicaltrips)


It’s all about experiencing something different…
Many years of musical and travelling adictions allowed ORL to appreciate rhythms from both sides of Atlantic Ocean, from West Africa to Caribbean shores, from Brazil to the Maghreb…
As for Jazz & Hip Hop, political and social contexts can hardly be ignored and help to understand these wonderful musical expressions. The 60s and 70s may have been the most productive period musically (in terms of innovation, styles interactions and influence on present productions), but despite taking part of Cultural Heritage of Humanity, some of these unique sounds are progressively being forgotten, SO LET’S KEEP THEM ALIVE! (preserve and share it as it is, and remix or reedit it).
After a few words on ORL’s approach, now it’s just about enjoying some of the grooviest original rhythms, from nodding your head on a sofa to “shaking that thing” on a dance floor!
Just for onlookers, ORL also shares on MUZZICALTRIPS.