Babaliah Loves Tumbélé - Gwoka, Buiguine, Compas, Funk and Disco from the “french” West Indies Babaliah


A fresh tropical mix by Babaliah, showing explosive diversity of groovy rythms from Haiti Guadeloupe and Martinique…
For hot & wet caribeean dancefloors only!

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Mix Black Day Palmwine Wreckchords Koffi Gnato

A mix for the connoisseurs, african music lovers, afro dj’s and cratediggers

Only Obscure and Scratchy African 45’s selected and blunted together by Turntables Maestro Koffi Gnato The Bété Cratedigger!
A really rare piece of art! …………….from the Palmwine Records Favorite DJ

Koffi Cold : from Soul and Hip Hop to LA Bass and Baile Funk Koffi Gnato

A real Contemporary Dancefloor Mix By our versatile DJ Koffi Gnato : 90 to 140 bpm
Soul, Hip Hop, LA Bass, Brass Band, Touché Français, Ragga, ElectroCLash, Deep House, Favela Funk, Secousse, Broken Beat, Kuduro

Copié Deh Collé 227 minutes mix by Koffi Gnato Koffi Gnato

A real 227 minutes Massive Wooly Mammoth mix of Afro sounds, the roots of coupé décalé, the roots of Kuduro, The African J Dilla strikes back with his turntables squirting Palmwine !!!!!