“On a Cloud” Babaliah Remix (PPP) Babaliah

A huge Afro Latin Broken Remix by Babaliah The Afro Beatmaker
The greats vocals are sustained by a percussion heavy Broken Beat and killer analogic keyboard and guitar arrangments

Tafina Babaliah

Great Gnawaian Hip Hop Tune by Afro Beatmaker Babaliah one more time looking at the dancefloor with a great percussive developpment.
A very dark Hip Hop intro goes to a North African Transe…then…don’t miss the Berimb-hiphop-outro!

Colombiana Babaliah

First virtual release on Palmwine Records
Free Download coming soon…

Babaliah Put this Latin broken Winner out to rock the dancefloors
A Very Percussive Stuff turns into a HOooooooOOT Broken Beat!
The Future Latin Vibe is delivered With a Rootsy Bomba-like Hornage!!

“A hot, broken latin burner perfect for the upcoming summer parties, this will get the hips and feets moving for sure at our Tropical Treats sessions!” Dj Rickard Masip (Raw Fusion Club Sweden)

Pura Colombiana!!!!

“You Better Ask Yourself” Babaliah Remix (Femi Kuti) Babaliah

A great rework on one afrobeat track from last Femi Album Day by Day. Babaliah The Afro Beatmaker turns it into a Caribean Disco meets Nu Afrobeat HIT…very faithfull to the original, with the now classic Palmwine Update….AFROBEAT NO GO DIE