hip hop

Groovy J (Urbanna Sounds)


Urbanna sounds is a pure selection of afro-influenced music mixed by Groovy J. He’s been selecting rare tracks of Latin music, Afro music, reggae and hip-hop that are listened to in the Villeurbanne underground and he makes original mash-ups with those heavy sounds.

What really matters to him is the vibe, either to dance or simply to enjoy the music.

Tafina Babaliah


Great Gnawaian Hip Hop Tune by Afro Beatmaker Babaliah one more time looking at the dancefloor with a great percussive developpment.
A very dark Hip Hop intro goes to a North African Transe…then…don’t miss the Berimb-hiphop-outro!

Koffi Cold : from Soul and Hip Hop to LA Bass and Baile Funk Koffi Gnato


A real Contemporary Dancefloor Mix By our versatile DJ Koffi Gnato : 90 to 140 bpm
Soul, Hip Hop, LA Bass, Brass Band, Touché Français, Ragga, ElectroCLash, Deep House, Favela Funk, Secousse, Broken Beat, Kuduro