ORL back from Benin 45s selection


… El Rego, L.A. aux Ecoutes, Polydisco, Mélomé Clément, Poly-Rythmo, African Songs, Picoby Band, Nagra Sessions, African Scream Contest, Afro Beat, Jerk Fon etc…


Benin 45s Selection by ORL (51 min):

Groovy J (Urbanna Sounds)


Urbanna sounds is a pure selection of afro-influenced music mixed by Groovy J. He’s been selecting rare tracks of Latin music, Afro music, reggae and hip-hop that are listened to in the Villeurbanne underground and he makes original mash-ups with those heavy sounds.

What really matters to him is the vibe, either to dance or simply to enjoy the music.

Copié Deh Collé 227 minutes mix by Koffi Gnato Koffi Gnato


A real 227 minutes Massive Wooly Mammoth mix of Afro sounds, the roots of coupé décalé, the roots of Kuduro, The African J Dilla strikes back with his turntables squirting Palmwine !!!!!